For the music we love, impassions us and moves our hearts as well as our bones. is a website dedicated to reggae roots music. Although it is intended to promote the genre in general, the main idea is to promote puertorican and latiamerican artists and bands on a portal that can be accessed throughout the world. The website is also intended to announce events and places that promote the genre.

Although the website already shows a dynamic and appealing design with interactive graphics and flash files it is constantly evolving. For the time being the site is devided in 10 sections: news, events, featured artist, mp3 player, new releases, locals, perfect playlist, latinoamericanos, new finds, and rare finds. Approximately every month, the news section will announce something like the release of a new cd, a concert by a local or foreign band or just any situation or event related to the genre. The events section lists upcoming events, this may include concerts, bands playing at special events, reggae night at bars and/or pubs and can even include radio programming. The featured artist section presents artists or groups with some biographical background with their latest releases and upcoming events or concerts. The website has an mp3 player with a playlist of songs by some of the greatest performers of classic roots reggae and some more current ones deserving to be in such a playlist. New releases shows new releases by local bands with a graphic link to the band's page on the internet. The locals section is a drop down menu which lists local bands with a go botton to their websites. Perfect playlist is another drop down menu which simply lists a compilation of, in creator's opinion, some of the best roots songs ever. Very similar to the mp3 playlist but with a few differences that were not available for the playlist. Latinoamericanos shows some latinamerican bands and is a drop down menu that will soon have the go botton to act similar to the locals list. New finds shows cd's that although not necessarily new have been recently found by's creator and rare finds shows peculiar finds like a cd from an uncommon country to the genre or by artist from another genre or by bands not been heard much of before or after the mentioned release. has a contact link to receive e-mail communications along with links to spanish or english versions of each page. At the present time, the page is in the developement of it's vision for the future. The page is developing its version on MySpace and Facebook. It is also on the development of links for blog and chat rooms and sections for purchase and download of cd's and mp3's. is also developing the addition of a web radio player for constant live streaming of music and for special programming like the transmision of live or recorded concerts, new releases, select playlists or cd's or compilations or even to retransmit radio or any other programming from other sources such as radio stations.'s mission is to help in the development and growth of our reggae roots musicians and also to promote the transmision of the genre in general. A portal where peple can find out what is new and where and when it's happening.

It is the interest of to be known throughout the island and throughout the world. At this time, is looking for ways to promote itself to expand the number of visitors to its page. At the same time, is available for any person, artist, group, band, entity or business, among others, interested in using its page as a means for communication and/or promotion of events of the genre which it represents.

For information use the contact link or send an e-mail to